DogZone Rescue

DogZone rescues unwanted, abused and abandoned dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members. We would love for you to join us by adopting a dog, volunteering as a foster parent or help with other needed areas of rescue to save the dogs who have no hope without us. 

Adopt, please don't shop.

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Adopting A New Friend and Cherished Family Member.

Our Process of Adoption: 

Arrangements to meet our dogs occur after an application has been received and accepted.

The first step to adopting is to complete the Adoption Application and submit it to the DogZone Rescue at 

You will be contacted right away by a representative of the rescue. Our application process includes Adopter, Veterinarian if you already have a pet, personal interviews, and a Home Inspection to ensure the environment is safe for the dog.  It usually takes no more than 2 -3 weeks from the time we receive the application for your dog to come home to you.  Our policy is to find the best home for each dog, where it will thrive in the environment of its new forever home. Although we work the applications on a first come, first served policy, it doesn't necessarily mean that the first application is the perfect fit.  If the dog you applied for is not a good match for your home, we will make sure to work closely with you and your family to find which one of our precious dogs will be a great fit for your lifestyle.  You can be assured that we do not misrepresent our dogs. We are absolutely honest when we tell you about our dogs.  

We do adopt out of state but there will be an additional charge for a health certificate if needed to travel out of state. If you choose to fly the dog home you will be responsible for the cost of the flight and any required health certificate.  We will only consider out of state adoptions by plane are if the adopter comes to California and returns with the dog in the passenger area of the plane, we will not ship cargo. We will also adopt out of state if the adopter drives both ways.

Our adoption fee varies depending on the dog's breed and age.  We do offer training support with all our adoptions; just contact us if you need help.  The dogs are nurtured in foster homes and given basic training and treated for any injuries or illnesses that we are aware of. 

Please contact us about our Senior-to-Senior program for dogs 10 years old and up. We work on a case by case basis and will reduce adoption fees where we can. 

Please write to us for any Inquiries, Volunteer, and Adoption Applications.